5 Dark Secrets of IPL

Every year IPL is launched as a festival & is enjoyed all over the world. Besides exciting matches, IPL also provides a platform for youngster crickets & Provides them a huge amount of money. This is the reason why IPL has become the worlds most popular T20 franchise tournament. But with popularity, it has seen some downs as well. So read this article till the end.

5) Fake IPL player

In the 2009 edition IPL, a blog was getting in hype named Fake IPL player in which no author was mentioned & on the websites controversial stories were posted of which most of were was of team KKR.

That season KKR was badly losing & it was assumed that blog was written by Akash Chopra or Sanjay Banghar.

So on basis of that, both the players were sent home in the middle of the tournament. Later it was revealed that the blog was run by the famous author now Anupam Mukherji.

4) After party culture

As the after the party is a trend in the IPL since very long whichever team may win there is a party for players, but this culture has resulted in the problems for some players.

In 2012 IPL players Rahul Sharma & Wayne Parnell were caught at a rave party raid where there were various illegal drugs were also found on the place of the party both the players were arrested. On their defense, they said that they got in that party mistakenly. Rahul Sharma in a press conference said that if the drug test comes positive he will leave to playing cricket. But this thing got backfire on the guy & after some months later the taste of both players came positive.

3) Cheerleaders confession

Always when a player hits a six or bowler takes a wicket the cheerleaders on the boundary cheers the players to perform well. But the cheerleaders have a different perspective on this, they say that whenever they dance on the floor someone from the crowd is making vulgar sings & someone is making videos.

They also said that there are no Indian girls in the group as it will down the image of the organizers. Indian girls are given traditional dress on another hand western cheerleader are given the opposite kind of dress this shows the discrimination itself.

2) Black Money

After a sting operation, it was revealed that the payment to the players was also done in the black it was revealed by a player from Pune Warriors India Mohnish Mishra who admitted that hey took 1.45 Cr as the tournament fee but by the rule of BCCI the uncapped players were given only 30 lakh as fee for the first time when they play. And he admitted that he took 1.15 Cr black money.

It was also seen that the players were given partnership in the business & expensive cars as well. According to report Manish Pandey when he was playing for PWI, he was given a Mercedes as a gift worth 95 lakh Rs said by Mohnish Mishra in the sting

1) Spot-fixing

In 2012 many uncapped players were suspended because of spot-fixing thinking that there will not be fixing in cricket again. But the Incident in 2013 occurred where players, as well as team owners, were accused of spot-fixing shocked cricketing fans. Rajasthan Royals players Sreesanth, Ajit Chandila and Ankeet Chavan, were suspended & also went to jail.

Similarly the team owners of Rajasthan Royals Raj Kundra & CSK owner Gurunath Meiyappan that's why both the teams were suspended for 2 years.


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